The Maypole Fund: Money from Women for Women

Do you have an imaginative project for peace with justice, anti-militarism and action against male violence, nuclear issues and environmental safety, women’s social and political autonomy?

Maypole may be able to help with a grant of up to £750.


The Maypole Fund was set up in 1986 by women involved in the peace movement, especially with Greenham Common. Today, we are a group of feminists coming from various political backgrounds.

We are an unincorporated non-profit association. Our constitution is drawn up according to the guidelines for voluntary organisations. We have chosen not to seek charitable status.

Normally, it is men who own and control money. Maypole money is donated by women for women to use, and the group that runs the fund is all women. The money we have is invested so as to produce an income each year to distribute as grants. It is invested ‘ethically’ according to principles avoiding companies involved in armaments, gambling, tobacco and environmentally damaging activities.


Our aim is to resource imaginative, non-violent activities by individual women and women’s groups for the furtherance of peace with justice and environmental safety.

This means we welcome applications from women for projects and activities for any of the following:

  • disarmament and action against the arms trade;
  • anti-militarism and action against male violence;
  • nuclear and environmental issues;
  • promoting women’s social and political autonomy throughout the world;
  • international links between women for these purposes.
The application deadline of 31 January 2016 has now passed.

Please note: We are reviewing grant guidelines and criteria and will soon post new details here. Please do not use the old application form or apply for a grant until the new information appears on this website.